• iQ Power ®
    iQ Power ®
    iQ Power®

    "Dead cool capacitive-touch cockpit"

    Smart touch® HMI connectivity brings your home and office to the vehicle cockpit for the first time.

    uncomplicated, iPhone-like design.

    Operates at the
    speed of thought...

  • Clearfast ®
    Clearfast ®

    ClearFast® for clear vision safety. "Instant" hot washer fluid. Windshield ice, road grime, insects quickly disappear.

    ClearFast® is available on your next vehicle purchase.

  • Smart Close ®
    Smart Close ®
    Smart Close®

    Smart Close® senses and responds to a human presense, detecting a change in its electromagnectic field and instantly reverses the moving door/window. S5 compliant.

    Provides a new standard of care and comfort.

  • Keyless Entry
    Keyless Entry
    Keyless Entry System

    Capacitive sensing human gesture recognition entry control and power closure systems.

    Eliminates need to set items down or touch vehicle when hands are full to open or close lift-gate/trunk.

    Highly personalized gesture provides total level of security.

  • Keyless Entry
    Keyless Entry

    Entry systems senses and responds to a driver specific program, which instantly unlocks the door.

    Works with gloves and allows secure vehicle entry with a key or key-fob.

  • Sense. Compute. Control. ®
    Sense. Compute. Control. ®
    Sense Compute & Control®

    We are the premier electronics systems integrator.

    Sensors, Switches, Gages, Displays, IP Clusters, Centerstacks, Touchscreens, Motor Controls, Gensets.

  • Nartron Firsts
    Nartron Firsts
    Nartron Firsts

    As the inventor of capacitive touch screen technology, Nartron also holds hundreds of patents in other sensor/control technologies.

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