Established in 1967, we design, develop, manufacture, and market proprietary electronic systems and components that typically "sense, compute, and control®" for automotive, truck, military and consumer product markets. Our 200 acre complex includes modern multiple plant facilities, engineering labs, technology center, test track, and airport.

Our creative, experienced product development team has generated over several hundred patents for exceptional innovation. Our leadership in innovation was recognized by Inc. Magazine who named Nartron as one of America's Top 50 Innovators. These patents have important commercial value for our customers by providing intellectual property protection to ensure their increasing market share.

VERTICAL INTEGRATION - in developing new products for our customers,
we optimize multiple technologies simultaneously, in real time, under one roof, at a more rapid rate and more effectively than our competition. All required disciplines and resources are directed by experienced program managers operating under accelerated timing utilizing state-of-the-art processes.

Company Headquarters

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